RV Sales Staff

Meet Our Sales Managers

Rob Rolland
Certified Sales/BDC Manager

Rob was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana. Rob finds satisfaction in helping people make their dreams come true. Rob enjoys spending time with his daughter doing outdoor activites. They enjoy the camping lifestyle and try to get to the beach as much as possible

Sean McComas
Sales/Finance Manager - Prescott Valley

Sean was born in Kenwood, California.He strives to make the purchasing experience as stress free and customer friendly as possible . He is a Gulf War veteran who served with the 82nd Airborne Division. Sean enjoys spending time outdoors.

Meet Our Prescott Sales Team

Cal Vincent
Sales Consultant

Cal was born and raised in Provo, Utah. He is a retired U.S. Army Veteran. He enjoys selling fun while helping people with their RV purchase. Cal likes hiking the trails and fishing the Colorado River in his spare time.

Chris Heurung
Certified Sales Consultant

Chris was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. His favorite part of his job is meeting different people and engaging them. Chris has one daughter and enjoys gardening and antique radios.

Gary Bergamini
Sales Consultant

Gary was born in Clovis, New Mexico and raised in Chino Valley, Arizona.He is a U.S. Veteran and has been in the Prescott Area since 1975. He likes spending time with his two daughters and being present at their various sporting events. Gary likes being in sales because he likes meeting new people from different walks of life.

Paul Steele
Certified Sales Consultant

Paul was born in Racine, Wisconsin and raised in Cave Creek, Arizona. He enjoys listening to peoples experiences and finding the right RV for them. He has been married for 36 years and enjoys golfing and fishing. Paul has four grandchildren.

Ron Atkins
Certified Internet Sales Consultant

Ron was born and raised in Thousand Oakes, California. He loves helping people fulfill their dreams and plans. He married his 8th grade crush 30 years later. Ron enjoys listening to music and watching old movies.

Stephanie Lunceford

Stephanie was born in Gardena, California but grew up all over Southern California. Her favorite place she lived was in Buena Park because it wasn't to far from one of her favorite theme parks. In her spare time she likes going to the movies, playing video games with her fiance and homeschooling her niece. Stephanie likes learning more about an entirely new field with the help of the sales team.

Meet our Prescott Valley Sales Team

Chelsea Costanzi  

Chelsea was born in Phoenix, Arizona and raised in Prescott Valley, Arizona. She loves hearing about our customers RVing adventures. In here spare time she likes to go the gym to do weight training. Chelsea also likes spending time with here friends and family..

Clint Eastvold
Certified Sales Consultant

Clint was born in Albert Lea, Minnesota and grew up in Arizona. What he loves about selling at Affinity is assisting customers find the Perfect RV and hearing about their experiences. Clint is an avid camper and traveler and enjoys finding new areas to explore.

John Britt
Certified Sales Consultant

John was born and raised in Westmoreland, Kansas. He enjoys helping people choose the right RV for their needs. He has been selling RVs for over 10 years. John likes to spend time with friends and family.

Kent Averill
Certified Sales Consultant

Kent was born in Mineola, NY and raised all over the country as a Navy brat. He was in the U.S. Air Force for four years. He has been in the automobile business for the past ten years in Phoenix and has since moved to Prescott with his wife of 30 years. He is really enjoying the RV business and Lifestyle. In his spare time Kent likes to hike with his wife and two dogs Sedona and Deputy.

Larry Thomas
Certified Sales Consultant

Larry was born and raised in Hamilton, Montana. He has been married for 29 years has 2 adult children and several dogs. He recently retired from 30+ years in law enforcement and strongly believes in 'The Golden Rule'. He enjoys the outdorrs, particularly fishing and birding. Larry enjoys interacting with people and helping them find the perfeft RV for their needs.

Steve Evans
Certified Sales Consultant

Steve was born and raised in Chester, U.K. He has lived in the US for Twenty years. He enjoys talking to people and hearing about their adventures. He is married and has four children between the two of them. Steve enjoys being with his family, soccer and Indy car racing.