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RV Rental FAQ

Welcome to Rentals Frequently Asked Questions!

Is there a discount for longer rental periods?
No, our pricing varies by season.

How much free mileage is included with the rental rate?  What are the costs for additional mileage?
There is no mileage fee on our towable vehicles
On our motorized vehicles: 100 free miles per night
0-100 miles/night beyond the free miles = $0.38/mile
100-200 miles/night beyond the free miles = $0.89/mile
200+ miles/night beyond the free miles = $1.57/mile

Does the RV have a generator?  How much does it cost to use?
Our motorized units and our toyhaulers have on-board generators. You receive 4 free hours per day, with a charge of $6/hour for every hour exceeding this.

What are the insurance costs? 

Often you can get a rider on your existing automobile insurance policy, but if you are unable, you must purchase our insurance.  Rates are subject to change yearly, please call for current pricing. Insurance is only offered for motorized units.

Is there a fee for additional drivers?

Is there a sanitation fee or a prep fee?
Yes, $150 cleaning and prep fee

Do linens and dishes come with the RV?  If not, are they available for an additional fee or do I need to bring my own?
None are included, but please see ourkit list for items available for additional cost How many people can ride in the RV? 

NO ONE is allowed ride in a towable RV unit.  The number of people that can ride in a motorized RV depends on the number of available seatbelts in the unit.  Please call or see the unit descriptions.

Can I store my car at the RV rental facility while I am renting the RV?

Is there an age requirement to rent an RV? 
You must be 25 or older in order to rent an RV

Is a pickup or delivery service available? 
Yes, costs vary and are addressed per case - factors include distance and road condition, please call for an estimate.

Are pets allowed?
Yes, but there is an additional $500 refundable security deposit

Is smoking allowed?

Can I tow with the motorhome?


What amenities does the RV come with? 
Please see the individual unit descriptions

Do I have to wash the RV before return?
No, this is included in the cleaning and prep fee.

Do I have to fill the propane tank before return?
Yes.  Feel free to take advantage of our propane station on the premises and enjoy some of the lowest propane prices in Northern Arizona. 

Do I have to fill the gas tank before return?

Do I have to dump the unit's gray and black tanks before return?
It is appreciated, but we can assist you upon your return.

Do I have to clean the interior of the unit before return?
No, this is included in the cleaning and prep fee.  However, excessive cleaning will be charged at $60/hour.

Do you offer emergency 24 hour roadside assistance?
Yes; access is included on all of our rentals.  It covers only emergency situations - dead battery, no gas, flat tire, etc.  Charges may apply depending on the nature of the incident.

Is there any help with non-emergency issues with the RV, such as having documentation on the unit or somebody to call with a question should one arise? 
Yes, custom help manuals and users guides are provided in every RV for help with standard use of the RV during your vacation.  If within business hours, anyone in our service department is also happy to assist.