3 Tips for Traveling with Kids

When was the last time you went on a road trip with kids? If it’s been a few years, or if you’re taking the grandkids with you, or are even a young parent with young kids and you’re planning some lengthier road trips in your new or used RV for the first time, take these tips for traveling with kids into consideration. They could make all the difference in a vacation that feels like heaven and a vacation that, well, doesn’t.

Allow Extra Time – Everywhere

Kids have lots of energy and can run wild, but on the whole, they just don’t move as quickly as adults. Take this into mind when you’re planning your time on the road and add a couple extra hours. That may seem excessive, but planning to take extra time will be kinder to you than not being prepared for it and then feeling delayed everywhere you go.

Specifically, plan to stop at least every hour and a half to two hours to get out, stretch your legs, and let them run around for a few minutes. Rest stops are great for this! It’s a good way to burn off pent-up energy, like recess at school.

Traveling with Kids

When you stop for gas, meals, or bathroom breaks, add at least 20 minutes to each stop. Most of all, just be aware in advance that kids don’t move or travel efficiently. Setting reasonable expectations can make a huge difference in your own patience.

Say Yes to the Mess – or At Least Prepare for It

Okay, kids are messy. We know this. Spills and mud puddles happen. Keep a small storage tub with a full change of clothes in each child’s size in an easily accessible area. This goes beyond what’s packed in suitcases and duffel bags, because those may not be easy to get to quickly or easily when you’re in a pinch.

Give Them Their Own Space

We have many RVs with bunkhouses for sale, and this is a great way to let kids enjoy themselves. A bunkhouse can include space for their own books, games, and toys. You can often include a separate HDTV in a bunkhouse so they can watch their own favorite movies. Having their own private room to retreat to and enjoy can mean a more relaxed, fun vacation for everyone!

Traveling with Kids

Another way to make sure there’s plenty of space for everyone is to travel in an RV with a bath and a half. Having that extra toilet will be something you never regret!

We’d love to help you get on the road and enjoy your best vacation ever! Traveling with kids can be absolutely enjoyable, but comes with its own challenges. Take our tips for traveling with kids into consideration for a more relaxing vacation! Contact us today if you need to look for a new or used RV that is suitable for the whole family!

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